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Stainless IBC Tank & Drum

Performance & Features
The tank is made with Single vertical structure, chooses high grade health class SUS304 / 316L stainless steel , tank wall transition section USES the circular arc transition,
Ensure health no dead Angle.At the bottom of the slope design, no residue.With convenient operation, strong corrosion resistance, flow capacity, easy clean,
Shock, etc.According to user requirements filling heat preservation material.

External Dimension (welcome OEM) 1150*1150*1170/1135
Capacity 1075L/1000L
Manhole Diameter 395mm/450mm
Fork Height 78mm
Shell Wall Thickness 2.28mm
Outlet Valve DN400/DN50
Tare weight 173kg/170kg
Max. Mass Weight 2980kg/2770kg
Stacking in Warehouse 3 layers(high)
Stacking in Transport 1 layer(high)
Shell wall material SUS 304/SUS316l
Outlet Valve 2price ball valve
Relief valve Presssure setting 0.2Bar
Container loading 40 HQ or 40GP
loading goods Applicable to Unii, class III dangerous goods in liquid state with density ≤ 2.6
Suitable for liquid Hazardous goods, of Density less than or Equal to 2.6 of the UNUNII,III group
Tanks configuration Configurable level gauge , mixer wheels , sight glasses , etc

Usage & Application
Stainless steel tank is suitable for the food, fruit juice beverage, dairy products, seasoning, brewing, beer, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biological engineering
Water treatment engineering industries such as liquid and solid particles and powder material storage and translate.
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