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  • New energy Lithium Battery project in Yunnan
    New energy Lithium Battery project in Yunnan
    New energy LiFePO4 project in Yunnan
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  • Cooling Tower for Lithium Battery project
    Cooling Tower for Lithium Battery project
    Industrial fractionating columns Fractional distillation is one of the unit operations of chemical engineering. Fractionating columns are widely used in the chemical process industries where large quantities of liquids have to be distilled. Such industries are petroleum processing, petrochemical production, natural gas processing, coal tar processing, brewing, liquified air separation, and hydrocarbon solvents production and similar industries but it finds its widest application in petroleum refineries. In such refineries, the crude oil feedstock is a complex, multi-component mixture that must be separated, and yields of pure chemical compounds are not expected, only groups of compounds within a relatively small range of boiling points, also called fractions. That is the origin of the name fractional distillation or fractionation. It is often not worthwhile separating the components in these fractions any further based on product requirements and economics.
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  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer for Fermentation of Biopharmaceuticals project
    Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer for Fermentation of Biopharmaceuticals project
    The vacuum emulsifying produced by our company include many varities. The homogenizing systems include upper homogenization, lower homogenization,internal and external circulating homogenization. The mixing systems include single-way mixing,double-way mixing and helical ribbon mixing. The lifting systems includes single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting. Varies high quality products can be customized according to customer 's requirements. The triple mixing adopts the imported frequency converter for speed adjustment,which can meet different technological demands.
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  • Large Storage Tank project
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The company was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 10million yuan.
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