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10 Tons Mixing Tank

1000L IBC Tank

1000L reactor

1000L Storage Tank

100L Storage Tank

100L to 1000L High Pressure Reactor

100L to 1000L High Temperature Reactor

100m³ Storage Tank

200 Liter

200 Liter Stainless Steel Drum

200 Liter Stainless Steel Reactor

2m³ Heat Exchanger

500L mixing tank

50m³ Reactor

Anticorrosive tank

Aseptic Storage Tank

Automatic Feeding System

Automatic Weighing Feeding System

Bag Type Filter

Beauty and Cosmetics Making Equipment

Belt Conveyor

Bio-Pharmaceuticals Equipment

Bio-Pharmaceuticals Making Equipment

Chemical container

Chemical Reactor

Chemical Storage Tank


Cone Mixer

Cone Type Mixer

Conical Double Screws Mixer

Conical storage tank


Conveyor Equipment

conveyor series

Cooling Tower

Cosmetics Making Equipment

Customized SS304 reactor

Detergent equipment

Detergent machine

Detergent Mixing & Washing Machine

Dispersion Mixing Tank

Dispersion Reactor

Distillation Column

Double layer Storage Tank

Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Power Mixer

Double Planetary Stirrer

Double Planetary Vacuum Power Mixer

Double Screw Helic Cone Mixer


Electric Heating Mixing Tank

electric heating reactor


Evaporative System


Exhaust gas recycling System

Feed Hopper


Filling machine


Food Grade Mixing Tank

Fractionating Column

Gas Separation Tank

Heat Exchange Device

Heat Exchange Equipment

Heat Exchanger

Heat transfer oil storage tank

heating reactor

heating storage tank

Helix cone mixer

High Pressure Reactor

High Speed Dispersing Vessel Reactor

High speed dispersion reactor

High Temperature Reactor

High-speed Dispersion Mixing Tank

Homogenizing Mixer

Horizontal Condenser

Horizontal screw mixing tank for Powder mixing

IBC Tank

Jacket Reactor

Large engineering storage tank

Large Mixing Tank

Large Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Large Storage Tank

Large Tank

Liquid filling

Liquid filling machine

Liquid Homogenizing Mixer

Liquid mixing machine

Liquid mixing tank

The company was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 10million yuan.
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