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1000L Multifunctional Dispersion Reactor

The multi-functional dispersion reactor integrates the functions of low speed strong mixing and high speed dispersion, and has good adaptability to medium and high viscosity and thixotropic materials. Due to stirring, dispersion can be carried out at the same time, and good results can be obtained. The machine is suitable for mixing, dissolving and dispersing all kinds of materials, simple operation, strong adaptability, is suitable for mixing, dispersing and other multi-functional equipment.

The mixing body is made of SUS304/316L high-grade stainless steel material, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can be equipped with different heating and cooling devices according to the process and production needs; It has the functions of automatic heating, stirring, temperature control, heat preservation, fast heat transfer, large temperature difference, easy cleaning, widely used in food dairy, medicine, fine chemical, biopharmaceutical and other industries proportionally solution synthesis, acid and base neutralization, high oxygen dissolution speed, good mixing effect.

Structure composition:

The equipment is mainly composed of stainless steel tank body, head, jacket, stirring device, electric heating device, cooling device, transmission device, shaft seal device, support, material inlet and outlet, temperature sensor interface, PH automatic control system, pressure sensor, air breathing device, CIP interface, etc. It is also equipped with temperature control device, temperature measuring hole, CIP automatic rotating spray ball, defoamer, baffle, air distributor, temperature sensor, mirror spotlight, liquid level meter, etc., which is easy to manual operation and simple and reliable.

The body of the electric heating mixing tank is made of SUS304/316L stainless steel, the inner cylinder wall is mechanically polished or electrolytic mirror polished, the outer cylinder wall is insulated with 304 all-welded structure, and the outer surface is treated with mirror or matte; The lid of the mixing tank is provided with a transmission device (motor or reducer) to drive the agitator in the mixing tank to stir and mix the materials; The shaft seal device adopts professional mechanical seal or packing seal, flange seal, strong sealing, and the external connection of the cylinder adopts a hygienic quick-opening joint, which is safe and hygienic and has no dead corners, conforming to the national GMP health standard.


Structural features:

1. The internal and external surfaces of the mixing tank are polished, the polishing accuracy is Ra≤0.4, and there is no dead Angle for health, which can prevent the material from sticking to the wall and is easy to clean; The outer tank body is wire-drawn;

2. the mixing system adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulating device, which can set different mixing speeds according to the process requirements, and can realize the automatic control of the mixing process; The tank is provided with a baffle to promote the material to fully stir reaction;

3. the stirring process can achieve steam high temperature online sterilization, sterilization process can achieve automatic control, sterilization temperature is accurate;

4. the type of agitator is diversified, can choose according to different processes paddle type, anchor type, frame type, turbine type, magnetic stirrer and other types of agitator equipment;

5. the body of the electric heating mixing tank is provided with a jacket insulation layer, and the insulation medium can be made of polyurethane insulation material, which has good insulation performance;

6. After mixing, CIP automatic rotating spray ball can be used for online cleaning, which is efficient and hygienic.

How it works:

(1) Electric heating is to heat the heat transfer medium inside the jacket with an electric heating rod, so that the temperature of the hot medium rises to the required temperature to heat the material in the stirring tank, and then the temperature controller controls the electric heating rod to make it lose power and maintain a constant temperature.

(2) According to the material heating temperature and the use of different conditions, electric heating methods are usually divided into resistance heating, infrared heating and medium heating (thermal oil, steam, hot water), etc., can achieve cyclic heating.

Multifunctional Reactor Specifications

Model/Specification 50-300L
1000-3000L 4000-8000L
Motor power(KW)
0.18-0.37 (adjustable)







Impeller structure Open aseptic design
Mixing method
Rotary shaft type mechanical mixing/drum pulse vibration mixing
Agitator type Frame/anchor
Stirring speed 35-150r/m(adjustable)
Operating temperature 0-200℃
Jacket heating/Cooling media Steam/cooling water/thermal oil/refrigerant
Method of measurement Weighing mix/ level measurement or flow measurement
Thermal insulation material Polyurethane/rockwool
Nozzle arrangement It can be designed according to the requirements if the conditions are met
Tank material SS304/316L
Retarding drive Optional AC, DC, explosion-proof
Control mode PLC automatic control system automatic control


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