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100L Double Planetary Vacuum Power Mixer

The Chinese double-planet strong dispersion mixer has two sets of stirring paddles and a set of high-speed dispersion axis rotating around the barrel axis at the same time, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and kneading action, to achieve the purpose of rapid mixing; The mixing paddle has paddle type, twist type, claw type, frame type and other forms, for different viscosity, specific gravity of the material and different production process requirements can choose the best mixing form.
  • 100L

Product Introduction

  The planetary power mixer is a new all-powerful machine, which combines the principle of traditional double planet mixer and high speed dispersion machine, and has been widely used in many fields.
  For the characteristics of high solid content and large viscosity of power battery slurry, our company has developed an enhanced power mixer with higher speed and greater torque on the basis of the proto-planetary power mixer. In the design process, fully consider the speed of the agitator, stirring power, dispersion linear speed, suspension grade, liquid flow pattern and the distribution of turbulence intensity in the barrel and other factors, the highest high-speed dispersion linear speed can reach 22m/s, the enhanced twist frame can handle any high viscosity battery slurry. The new mixing method - the twist frame rotates clockwise and turns counterclockwise to ensure that the mixing has no dead Angle and no "climbing" phenomenon. In terms of sealing, two sets of mechanical seals plus soft and static seals ensure vacuum - in theory, the sealing performance is enhanced by 30%. The Pt100 temperature sensor is in direct contact with the material, the measurement is more accurate, the reaction speed is faster, and the error is only between ±0.5ºC. This machine is composed of base, beam, column, seal cover, cylinder, transmission and electric control system.

Equipment Configuration

NameType specificationBrand origin
MotorLow speed 11KW-4 level, 1 set; High speed motor 15KW-4 level, 1 setChina
Converter11KW*1 set, 15KW*1 setVEICHI
Touch Screen                    10 inch touch screen, touch screen can run normally, according to actual needs can also omit some steps to runVEICHI
PLCBy Design RequirementsVEICHI
Platinum ThermistorMaterial: stainless steel; Measuring temperature: -50 degrees to 280 degrees; Thermal reaction time: 0.3s; measuring accuracy:1°HTC
High Speed BearingBy Design RequirementsGermany FAG
Low Speed BearingBy Design RequirementsHRB
Linear GuidewayFour HGW45CA, Class C accuracyHao Chen
Framework Oil SealBy Design RequirementsNAK/YSDA
Electrical Apparatus ElementLow-voltage electrical componentsSchneider Electric
ValveAccording to the drawingANIX
Mechanical SealTwo sets of mechanical sealsChesterton
GearUsing 20CrMnTi vacuum treatment, tooth surface carburizing hardening processing precision grinding, using bevel gear transmissionOWT
Lubricating GreaseHigh speed bearing special grease temperature 600 degreesBester

Product Specifications

Vacuum degree-0.098Mpa  Vacuum pressure holding: no less than -0.08Mpa for static 2 hours
StructureCantilever type
RPM r/minRevolution: 0~31r/min  Rotation: 0~62r/min (frequency control of motor speed);  
High speed: 0~3300r/min (frequency control of motor speed), meet line speed requirements
Low Speed ShaftTwo axis twist type, a set of wall scraping device   Linear Guideway: Hao Chen
High Speed ShaftDual high speed axle with two dispersion discs on the axle
Lifting ModeLinear guide cylinder hydraulic lifting     Hydraulic motor: 0.75KW
Lifting Height500mm
Temperature Measurement MethodBarrel wall temperature measurement
Tank Body PositioningThe cylinder body is positioned with a circular body positioning block, and the kettle cover is provided with a flange structure to ensure the center positioning
Total Power (KW)27kw
Power SupplyAC: 3*380V, 50HZ
Length: 2500 Width: 1350 Heigth: 2300   (mm)
Weight  (kg)About 2700kg

Dimension parameter

Tank Size (mm)
(Inner diameter * Internal height)
Volume (L)149L  
Design Pressure
Inner tank: -0.098Mpa  Jacketed: 0.4Mpa
Design Temperature (°C)-10~+200°C
Tank Body Thickness(mm)Inner tank: δ6mm (Measured thickness after processing)  Jacketed: δ4mm.
Temperature control formTank body, tank bottom with jacket, increase the cooling or heating area
Moving MethodManual operation


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