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500L Three-axis Multi-functional Dispersion Mixing Tank

The multi-functional dispersion mixing tank is composed of a low-speed anchor mixing, two high-speed dispersion blades, to achieve dual-axis high-speed dispersion function, low-speed strong mixing and rolling viscous materials, three motors installed on the head frame, while dispersing mixing, multi-functional process to complete, high shear, dispersion, mixing, dissolution, mixing.

Multi-function dispersing reactor is composed of one low-speed anchor stirring and two high-speed dispersing paddles to realize the function of double-axis high-speed dispersing.

Low-speed powerful stirring and tumbling of viscous materials, three motors mounted on the headstock, simultaneous dispersing and stirring, multi-functional process is completed in one, high shear, dispersing, stirring, dissolving, blending and mixing.

Multi-functional dispersing reactor is used in chemical material high-speed dispersing, low-speed mixing, high-shear emulsifying, grinding and other roles. Dispersing, stirring, emulsifying, grinding and other mixer combination type.

Applicable materials: paints, coatings, new materials, electronic slurry, battery slurry, resin crafts and other high-viscosity materials.

Application areas: for paint, putty, ink, adhesive, lithium battery slurry and other industry products material dispersion, mixing.


1. Three-axis multifunctional mixer integrates high-speed dispersing, emulsifying and low-speed mixing, which can be customized as outrigger type or platform type according to the actual demand.

It has good adaptability to medium and high viscosity and thixotropic materials;

2. Wide range of application, can be widely used for medium and high viscosity and thixotropic materials with strong mixing effect;

3. Dispersing, stirring, shearing, homogenization can be carried out at the same time, simple operation, adaptability, is the ideal multi-functional equipment;

4. The barrel wall is processed by vertical lathe, and then automatically polished, the equipment with scraping wall scraping bottom function, the material is clean, no dead angle, no residue;

5. Mixing methods, for different viscosity, specific gravity, solid content of the material characteristics and production process requirements of different customers to design the best configuration;

6. Complete specifications, non-standard, can be customized explosion-proof type, heating type, vacuum type, PLC intelligent control. Optional stainless steel or spray treatment;

7. Optional discharge extrusion device, washing drum device;

8. Strong adaptability, can be widely used in adhesives, energy, battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone ink, sealant and other industries.


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