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Large Exhaust Gas Recovery Tower, Cooling Tower

Non-standard equipment, custom tower

Non-standard custom tower

The height and diameter of the larger vertical containers can be called tower containers, referred to as tower.

The tower is an important equipment to realize full contact between gas and liquid or liquid and liquid.

Classification of tower containers

1. According to the operating pressure, there are pressure tower, atmospheric tower and decompression tower;

2. According to unit operation, there are rectification tower, absorption tower, desorption tower, quenching tower, reaction tower, drying tower, etc.;

3. According to the internal structure, there are plate tower and packing tower.

Tower distillation, absorption, desorption, extraction, reaction and gas washing, cooling, humidification and drying in chemical and petrochemical, oil and natural gas, textile and other industries

A wide range of applications have been obtained in equiunit operations. Most of the towers are used for mass and heat transfer between gas and liquid.



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