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Stainless Steel Storage Tank

  • Stainless steel storage tank

  • Li&Li

1. Used as liquid storage tank, milk storage tank, fermention tank,liquid composing tank, temporary storage tank and disinfection tank etc. 
2. Applied in foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverage, pharmacy, chemical industry etc. 

1. Food pharmacy Stainless steel tanks: 

Stainless steel ingredient storage tanks, stainless steel tanks with thick, dilute with stainless steel tanks, stainless steel extraction tanks, stainless steel reaction tank, stainless steel tank, stainless steel mixing tank, stainless steel seed tanks, stainless steel tanks nitric acid, acetic acid stainless steel storage tank, stainless steel tank barrels carbon disulfide, stainless steel water tower tank. 

2. Wine Dairy class stainless steel tanks: 

Stainless steel wine tanks, stainless steel wine tanks, stainless steel wine tanks, stainless steel milk (milk) tank, stainless steel beverage tank

3. Chemical stainless steel tanks: 

Stainless steel oil storage tanks, stainless steel transport tanks, stainless steel cooling tanks, stainless steel insulated tanks, stainless steel tanks at all levels of the heat exchanger, stainless steel buffer tank, stainless steel tanks and chemical industries outdoor stainless steel pressure vessel. 
Configuration of tank
1. Made of single-layer stainless steel structure. 
2. Materials are all sanitary stainless steel. 
3. Quick open manhole. 
4. Various style of CIP cleaners. 
5. Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover. 
6. Adjustable feet. 
7. Thermometer (According to customer requirements). 
8. Ladder (According to customer requirements). 
9. Jacket (hollow jacket or coil pipe jacket are available). 
10. Liquid level meter and level controller (According to customer requirements). 
11. Agitator (Acc. To customers' requirements. 

Technical Parameter of Vertical Stainless Steel Tank

Nominal volume Real Capacity Nominal diameter Height Inlet & Outlet diameter Exhaust port diameter Manhole
Level mouth diameter
2m3 2.05m3 1200mm 1820mm 50mm 50mm 400mm 25mm
3m3 3.05m3 1400mm 2000mm 50mm 50mm 400mm 25mm
5m3 5.05m3 1700mm 2250mm 50mm 50mm 400mm 25mm
10m3 10.5m3 2200mm 2650mm 50mm 50mm 400mm 25mm
20m3 20.5m3 2800mm 3260mm 50mm 50mm 400mm 25mm
30m3 30.5m3 3200mm 3740mm 80mm 50mm 500mm 25mm
50m3 50.5m3 3200mm 6230mm 100mm 50mm 500mm 25mm
100m3 100.5m3 5400mm 4500mm 100mm 50mm 500mm 25mm
200m3 200.5m3 6600mm 6000mm 100mm 50mm 500mm 25mm

Technical Parameter of Horizontal Stainless Steel Tank

Nominal volume Real Capacity Nominal diameter Length Inlet diameter
Spout diameter
Number of seat Remark
2m3 2.05m3 1000mm L=2720mm
50mm 50mm 400mm 2 The design conditions for the normal temperature and pressure, accept custom. 
3m3 3.05m3 1200mm L=2850mm
50mm 50mm 400mm 2
5m3 5.05m3 1400mm L=3500mm
76mm 76mm 400mm 2
10m3 10.5m3 1800mm L=4230mm
76mm 76mm 500mm 2
20m3 20.5m3 2200mm L=5630mm
76mm 76mm 500mm 2
30m3 30.5m3 2400mm L=7200mm
89mm 89mm 500mm 3
50m3 50.5m3 2800mm L=8860mm
89mm 89mm 500mm 3
80m3 80.5m3 3200mm L=1085mm
89mm 89mm 500mm 3
100m3 100.5m3 3200mm L=1334mm
89mm 89mm 500mm 3



Our Services:
1. We are a direct manufacturer and our priority is your complete satisfaction.
2. Logo printing: We can print any logo as per your requires on the case.
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6. Packages: Available for ploy bag and carton box

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Guangzhou Li&Li Mechanical Equipment Co, . Ltd. Is professional corporation that mainly operates design, manufacture, installation and debugging of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc. Equipments. Enterprise strictly implements the ISO9001 standard management, with strong technical force, complete detection equipment, advanced process and complete product variety which including all kinds of Reaction Kettle, agitator bath, storage tank, vacuum emulsifying machine, conveyor, filling machine and non-standard equipments process and manufacture; Electrical engineering, automatic-control engineering, pipe design and equipment installation. 


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The shell and tube heat exchanger is kind of heat exchanger that is most widely applied for chemical and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of the shell, tube sheet, heat exchanging tube, sealing head, baffle plate, etc. It can be made of or dinary carbon steel, red copper or stainless steel, During the heat exchange, a king of fluid enters from the tube connection of the sealing head, flows in the tube and exits from the other tube connection of the sealing head, which is called tube pass. Another kind of fluid enters from the tube connection of the shell and exits from the other tube connection of the shell, which is called shell pass.
The company was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 10million yuan.
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