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Stainless Steel Storage tanks should meet what technical requirements

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Stainless steel storage tank is a kind of storage tank made of stainless steel as raw material, 

which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, brewing,

Daily chemical and many other industries that need to carry out water storage or production of liquid products are widely used, 

good sealing performance, the Can effectively avoid the intrusion of harmful substances in the air, 

mosquitoes and other insects, so that the liquid in the tank is not contaminated by the outside world.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

1. Products should meet the requirements of the prescribed standards, should be manufactured in accordance with the drawing size requirements to avoid dimensional deviations.

2. Stainless steel storage tanks after the completion of welding, each fastener, connections can not have loose, leakage welding and other phenomena, if there should be timely processing.

Its weld seam should be full, and the outer welding surface should be smooth, no slag, porosity, cracks and other defects or problems. The weld seam of the inner liner, it needs to be polished.

3. The flat bottom plate of the stainless steel storage tank should be flat, and the top entry hole should be full welded.

4. Stainless steel tanks filled with water, there can be no seepage or leakage and other phenomena, not to mention the obvious deformation phenomenon.

5. If there is an insulation layer, then it should be firmly combined with its appearance. Insulation layer used in the material, should be good quality insulation materials.

6. Stainless steel storage tank into the protruding part of the hole inside and outside, should be flanged and some other protective treatment, so as not to hurt people.

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