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Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

Basic Info.

Model NO.
50 to 5000 liter mixing tank
Layout Type
Mixing Drum Shape
Additional Capabilities
Operating type
Continuous Operating
Stainless Steel Mixing Tank
Food Grade Mixing Tank
Widely Use
Easy to Clean
Can Be Customized
Low Cost
Good Quality
with CIP System
Transport Package
Woodern Box Package
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description


Name: Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

Automation: Manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic

Capacity: 100-1000L

Suitable Temp.: 0-100 celsium degree or higher upon requirement

Power: 380V/50Hz/3Phase or customized

Control System: Push button/PLC/touch screen; Optional

Material: 304/316L optional

Structure: 3 layers(inner bladder, jacket, insulation layer), 2 layers, 1layer upon requirement

Surface: Inner/outer polished, outer: Drawbench polished

Stirring method: One direction mixing or two direction(optional)

Stirrer type: Can be selected from anchor type, impeller type, frame type, high speed shear, magnetics type and etc.

Application: Can be used to mix and melt all kinds of materials in industries like pharmacy, cosmetics, chemicals, resins, paintings,

 confectionary, pigments and etc.,

Stainless steel stirred tank widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, ink, oil, printing 

and dyeing, environmental protection, oil, alcohol, hospitals and other industries, various types of liquid filtration, rough filtration, 

fine filtration, clarification ideal equipment purification treatment.

Stainless steel mixing tank is my company's own development of new products, with no leakage, fully enclosed, corrosion-resistant, energy-saving features.

 Due to its non-contact torque transmission to replace the static seal dynamic seal, to solve the other shaft seal can not overcome the problem of leakage, the entire media and agitation in sterile health status to operate, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, cosmetics and biological engineering industry ideal replacement products.

Suitable material under a certain pressure mechanical stirring flammable, explosive, toxic, odor and other dissolved materials, sterilization, fermentation process takes a long time (over 24 hours) constant moving equipment. More suitable for biological engineering in the production process does not allow any trace leaks and contaminated equipment.


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The shell and tube heat exchanger is kind of heat exchanger that is most widely applied for chemical and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of the shell, tube sheet, heat exchanging tube, sealing head, baffle plate, etc. It can be made of or dinary carbon steel, red copper or stainless steel, During the heat exchange, a king of fluid enters from the tube connection of the sealing head, flows in the tube and exits from the other tube connection of the sealing head, which is called tube pass. Another kind of fluid enters from the tube connection of the shell and exits from the other tube connection of the shell, which is called shell pass.
The company was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 10million yuan.
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